About me

My name ist Stephan Hiller and I am living in Hamburg, Germany. I am collecting Nihonto for almost 10 years now and enjoy the beauty and the historic value of japanese swords. The first time I got in touch with japanese swords was when I started studying computer science in 1995 by entering "japanese sword" into a search engine. Some time later I aquired my first sword from an auction house (not eBay) and got it polished by a japanese polisher.

I am not specialized in collecting swords from a certain "school" but I have to like a sword. I do not care whether it is a koto sword or a gendaito, therefore you will find a variety of swords which look rather asorted.

From time to time I acquire a new sword and some of my old sword have to go. You can find my swords that I am selling in my 'For Sale' section. All items that I am selling are located in Hamburg, Germany and will be dispatched worldwide via DHL.

If you want to discuss about japanese swords, please feel free to contact me ( shiller@nihonto.de ). Although I still would classify myself as newbie, I am happy to share my knowledge.